We provide free legal representation for individuals serving excessive prison sentences.

How we help:

Provide legal representation during the entire commutation and/or parole processes including assistance with commutation applications, parole and commutation packets, and representation at hearings


Help with any reentry needs including: housing, basic needs, employment, counseling, obtaining ID’s, etc…


Provide legal assistance after release including fines and fees, outstanding warrants and child custody issues


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Oklahoma News Report

Tulsa University law students are taking on the commutation cases for non-violent offenders in Oklahoma.

Kayla Jo Jeffries's Story

Commutation would give Kayla a second chance.

Juanita Peralta's Story

Juanita is a mother of 6 & is serving a 15-year sentence for drug possession offenses even though in 2016, Oklahoma voted to to classify drug possession as a misdemeanor.

Felicia Witherspoon's Story

In 2017, Oklahoma reclassified drug possession as a misdemeanor offense. If Felicia was arrested under current law, she would not be serving time in prison. Instead, she’s facing two decades of incarceration.

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